Avalara FUSE

An inaugural event where madpot was engaged from the onset as experience design strategist then later invited to continue with the project, providing full creative direction, with Bianca serving as an Executive Producer and Luke serving as the mainstage video content Senior Producer. FUSE is a showcase of madpot turnkey event + film productions, from strategy to design to execution, that delivered immediate impact and exceeded business outcome expectations.
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Could Avalara, a tax tech company, produce a business retreat geared to their most important selling partners? Would it motivate and deepen relationships and boost the business? In partnership with Brian Riha and 82 South, the madpot team set out to interview over two dozen key executive stakeholders on what they wanted to see in a partner focused event that would also be the launch of their entirely new partner program.

The team discovered that an upscale business retreat, combining the best of Business and Leisure, was the core concept that these executives were looking to create for their partners. madpot created a strategic experience design roadmap that charted the course from concept to completion. An event destination, name, and theme centered on the concept of “US”. FUSE was developed; the beginning of a new era of stronger relationships, partnerships and listening for growth in a smart, luxurious, easy un-conference business retreat environment. Bianca was engaged as the lead Creative Director, providing oversight on the multisensory turnkey experience and supporting as an Executive Producer on-site. Luke spearheaded the production of all mainstage videos from concept to completion with a full animation team.

Everyone walked away feeling satisfied and accomplished, with new business opportunities and a completely unique and memorable experience.

This project represents the beauty in the process and the power of a motivated, inspired multi functional team to bring to life an experience with a big heart and big ideas. Check out the outcomes: 

  • Millions in signed contracts on-site, amounting to covering all event investments and beyond
  • Event Satisfaction score of 4.9 out of 5
  • 100% of attendees would like to attend the experience again
  • Resoundingly positive responses via personal recognition and appreciation of people across the board; many big brand partnership owners revealing FUSE was their favorite experience of its type ever.

brand | Avalara

creative event production agency | 82 South

creative direction + film production | madpot

venue | The Boca Raton, Boca Raton, Florida