Film is the most powerful medium to explore an idea - bringing together design, narrative, music, and most of all, the right pacing. We curate every frame to match its intended impact from the storyboard, to the shoot on location, to the final edit.

event planning

The beauty is in the planning. We manage the entire process, tapping into our extended network of planners and vendors tailored to exceed expectations with detailed oversight and leadership for flawless execution.

creative direction

High level creative oversight and direction across all stages of an event or film production. From the bigger picture down to the details, we inspire teams to deliver strategic, cohesive, and creative multisensory experiences.

media production

Media is the language of our age and we are fluent in its many dialects. From graphic design to animation or podcast creation to short bit videos, we are digital natives eager to share our expertise and deliver multi-channel content.


Effective strategy is the foundation of any successful experience. We invest in the process of driving business objectives, uncovering key themes and developing KPIs for all event experiences. Our formula for strategic consulting involves tailoring a playbook that brings stakeholders into the process of creation and along for the ride of design and execution.

event design

We consider every moment of an event: realizing its purpose and place in the big picture and knowing that the smallest details have as much impact as the big “wow” moments. Through our focus on intentional design, planning becomes a much simpler process, and our clients are able to focus on the business goals and the people of an event.

friends and partners

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who we work with

creative + production agencies
tech companies
financial services and banking institutions
consumer brands
higher educational institutions
energy companies
small businesses to global corporations
not-for-profit agencies
organizations in the innovation field
private schools
A photo of Bianca and Luke

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Bianca Ferrer and Luke McKibben founded madpot out of the pursuit of developing film and events that create memories for people to remember their lives by. With a rich history of filmmaking, creative strategy, and soup to nuts event planning, Bianca and Luke are Executive Producers who understand that true creativity requires hands-on involvement and meticulous oversight. As strategists and designers, they embrace listening and simplicity combined with behavioral sciences to craft outcome based business objectives and playbooks for memorable event experiences.

Bianca is a global creative director and business event strategist focused on experience design. She is skilled at delivering on-demand strategy and translating client needs into creative solutions and is apt at motivating workgroups to meet output needs. Bianca is a former Board Director for the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) and is currently a Board Director for the Houston Hospitality Alliance. Read more about Bianca by viewing her website and by connecting on Linkedin.

Luke is an Executive Producer, communicator, coach and media enthusiast. He immerses himself in all forms of creative media, particularly video production, photography, live-streaming, documentary filmmaking, and music. He is skilled at all elements of filmmaking and is known for being a great listener and communicator when engaging with C-Suite stakeholders. Luke produces genre bending music ranging from Gospel to Americana, to lo-fi electronic to Hip Hop. His most recent project is The Hand From Texas, which explores the rich history of an old gospel folk revival. Connect with Luke on Linkedin.