Heineken Champions Express

2,000 Houstonians were treated to a world-class, once in a lifetime immersive watch party for the UEFA Champions League Finals hosted by Heineken USA; The concept: the transformation of an empty warehouse into a train journey to the soccer pitch in Lisbon, Portugal. The project: translate an agency vision into reality with ingenuity and an all-star team.
event design
creative direction
event planning

Bianca served as lead Executive Producer for this Coterie Spark Production under the helm of Latino Marketing agency, Remezcla, representing Heineken.

The Heineken Champions Express was an immersive event activation that transformed an empty warehouse into a train experience in three distinct environments: ticketing + train departure station, a fully functional train experience, and the final destination-a soccer pitch in Lisbon.

The experience began by welcoming guests into a European style train station. Once ticketed, guests proceeded to enter an immersive, imaginative train for a journey to an unknown destination. The train was built by Staging Solutions as a combination of practical scenic and AV with the use of simple sensory devices to offer a transformative feel such as bass booming from the flooring to create a train feel, paired with movement through LCDs enclosed to appear as train windows. Once the ride was complete, "passengers" entered into an unexpected soccer pitch, complete with bleachers and a main stage for a viewing party of the UEFA Champions league finals of Madrid versus Barcelona.

The culinary experience was designed and delivered by Monica Pope; an upscale concession stand experience to accompany Heineken USA products. Music and Emcee entertainment featured local DJ Bombom accompanied by futbol trick performers and more. The scale of the activation, the level of detail, the epic nature of the guest journey, and experience all packaged as a futbol watch party, made this a timeless concept that stands alone to this day.

brand | Heineken

creative concept + Latino Marketing Project Lead | Remezcla 

event production | Coterie Spark 

executive producer w/ Coterie Spark | Bianca Ferrer, madpot creative

audio visual + scenic design | Staging Solutions, Inc

culinary | Monica Pope

venue | Silver Street Studios 

photography | David DeHoyos Photography