Spotify “The Cookout” Playlist

When Spotify needed social video content to promote rap legend Bun-B’s takeover of “The Cookout” Playlist, madpot was happy to execute on their vision with speed and agility; the entire project lifespace was 10 days from initial outreach, talent bookings, storyboarding, and production. The result: an authentic, cultural expression of Houston and Bun-B showcased across Spotify’s instagram accounts.
media production

Spotify is always pushing the envelope on promoting its brand with creative projects rooted in local communities, most recently upping investment in catchy video content. What better way to give these projects a Houston feel than to enlist Bun-B and a cadre of other local talent to showcase their touch on Spotify’s “The Cookout Playlist '' set at Bun-B’s Trill Burgers. madpot was enlisted to be the on the ground production team by cultural marketing agency partner Rukaz Kultura.

The concept for this piece was Bun-B working the drive-thru of his Houston restaurant, Trill Burgers, where a number of local talent would ride through the drive-thru to order a burger, leading to an exchange between Bun and the talent about what music they would want to hear at a Cookout. The aesthetic of this film is a handheld social media video so madpot found cell phone footage to be a key component in addition to regular video gear.

In addition to the main videos produced, madpot also worked with street artist GONZO713 to create short “process” videos, where the artist discussed his inspiration and process on creating the visual collateral for the broader campaign with Spotify.

With Luke as the director, madpot partnered with Rukaz Kultura as the turnkey producer on site and the extended madpot team filled additional roles of producers, shooters and editors. A perfect collaboration and an example of how the best outcomes are produced when the core team works as a cohesive, collective of talents motivating one another to put on the best show.

brand | Spotify

creative agency | Werk Crew 

event production | Rukaz Kultura 

film production | madpot creative

talent | BunB, Kam Franklin, That Mexican OT, Gonzo713